Welcome to Ghosting It Forward 2023!
Positively Impacting People

with Something Positive

  • Send a Halloween Ghost and a positive gift/message to 3 neighbors/friends.
  • Ask them to keep Ghosting It Forward within 24 hours to another 3 people.
  • Spread the word to achieve our goal to positively impact people with something positive.


Ever been Ghosted?

Ghosting is done a week or more before the big day. All you need is some Halloween candy or a small gift, three brown paper lunch bags, three copies of the "You've Been Ghosted" letter and three copies of the ghost picture. Put the candy or gift, one letter and one picture in each of the brown paper bags. When it's dark, sneak over to a neighbor's house with an adult, leave the bag on their porch, ring the bell and run away. Don't let them see you. Your Ghosted neighbors will in turn, Ghost two more people. Before you know it, it will spread throughout the neighborhood, and maybe the entire city!

Here's what you need to get started...

Click here to download Instructions, Ghost Image and Sample Letter.

  • To keep Ghosting It Forward, print copies of the instructions, letter, and ghost drawing. 
  • Now it’s your turn to “Ghost!” “Ghosting” is a fun Halloween tradition of doing something nice for your neighbors and friends.
  • In the spirit of “paying it forward,” keep the good vibes going by ghosting 3 people in the next 24 hours.
  • This can be a combo of neighbors, co-workers or friends virtually via email or blogs.
  • You can do it with kids or without.

You will need the following items:

  • Three Halloween goodie bags filled with treats.

These may include:

A book, candy, Gatorade/can of soda, sport items like a baseball ball,

small games (card games), movie tickets, coloring books, markers/crayons, crafts, small stuffed animals, Halloween decorations/for windows, picture drawn by your child or a misc toy. 

  • One picture of a ghost printed from these instructions, go to www.ghostingitforward.org to print more copies for the next people.
  • Three letters stating that "you've been ghosted" with these simple how-to instructions to carry on the tradition.
  • After you have assembled your three separate treat bags with ghost pictures, letters, and instructions, you should deliver them after dark to your target families by dropping one near each front door or on each porch, ringing the doorbell, and running!
  • You should remain anonymous, so don't get caught. Pin a ghost on their door as a signal that they have already been Ghosted.
  • You can compose your own letter or download the sample.